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BALESTRINO D, QUINTANA M, CHARBONNEL N, FORESTIER C,LARTIGUE C, SOUWEINE B Compatibility of Injectable Anticoagulant Agents in Ethanol ; In Vitro Antibiofilm Activity and Impact on Polyurethane Catheters of Enoxaparin 400 U/mL in 40% v/v Ethanol Plos One, 2016 Jul 21 ;11(7):e0159475.

BERTRAN T, BRACHET P, VAREILLE-DELARBRE M, FALENTA J, DOSGILBERT A, VASSON MP, FORESTIER C, TRIDON A , EVRARD B. Slight pro-inflammatory immunomodulation properties of dendritic cells by Gardnerella vaginalis : the "invisible man" of bacterial vaginosis.J Immunol Res, 2016 2016 ;2016:9747480.

CROUZET O, POLY F, BONNEMOY F, BRU D, BATISSON I, BOHATIER J, PHILIPPOT L, MALLET C (2016) Functional and structural responses of soil N-cycling microbial communities to the herbicide mesotrione : a dose-effect microcosm approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 23(5):4207-17.

GUILHEN C, CHARBONNEL N, PARISOT N, GUEGUEN N, ILTIS A, FORESTIER C, BALESTRINO D. Transcriptional profiling of Klebsiella pneumoniae defines signatures for planktonic, sessile and biofilm-dispersed cells BMC Genomics 2016 Mar 15 ;17(1):237.

MARQUÈS C, FRANCESCHI C, COLLIN V, LAURENT F, CHATELLIER S, and FORESTIER C. Genome sequence of a clinical Staphylococcus aureus strain from a prosthetic joint infection. Genome Announc. 2016 Apr 7 ;4(2)

MIQUEL S, LAGRAFEUILLE R, SOUWEINE B, FORESTIER C. Anti-biofilm activity as a health issue. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2016 Apr 26 ;7:592.

MOBILI O, LONTSI DJIMELI C, MOUNGANG L, ALLAAHDIN O, TAMASA ARFAO A, MABINGI J, BRICHEUX G, NOLA M, SIME-NGANDO T. Microbial treatment of water containing the bacteria Enterococcus faecalis and Escherichia coli in microcosm using Artemesia annua plant extract : Hierarchical order of some abiotic factors affecting cell ’ s cultivability. European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience, 2016 4(9), 16–26.

ORY J, BRICHEUX G, TOGOLA A, BONNET JL, DONNADIEU-BERNARD F, NAKUSI L, FORESTIER C, TRAORE O Ciprofloxacin residue and antibiotic-resistant biofilm bacteria in hospital effluent. Environ Poll, 2016 Apr 28 ;214:635-645.

TAMSA ARFAO A, LONTSI DJIMELI C, NOAH EWOTO O, BRICHEUX G, NOLA M, SIME-NGANDO T. Detachment of adhered enteropathogenic Escherichia coli cells from polythene fragments immersed in aquatic microcosm using Eucalyptus microrys extract (Myrtaceae). (2016) Current Research in Microbiology and Biotechnology 4 (3), 847-857.